Recommended: Two Days

To attend: Partners and prospective owners


Upgrade is a two day intensive and interactive training programme ideal for accounting firms to sponsor. This course is intended to reinvigorate firm owners and prospective owners. Upon completion, attendees will have developed a personal development and action plan and have a perception of service and billing like never before. The format will include training through personal presentation, film and group discussion including case studies.

Tailored for

This course is for all partners and those who aspire to be firm owners or salaried partners

This two day interactive course includes:

The Marketplace

  • Exploring threats and opportunities
  • What successful firm owners are doing

Firm Profitability

  • Exploring how the accounting firm can increase profitability

Client Service

  • The power of client meetings including the 7 essential client meetings
  • How to personally deliver outstanding client service – and derive greater job satisfaction


  • How to discuss prices with clients – avoiding the trap of under billing

Job Profitability

  • The essential ways to drive efficiency and improve job profitability

Self Management

  • Benchmarking and KPIs that drive results

Advisory Skills

  • Essential [new] skills for giving business advice (4 hours):
  • Understanding and engaging with the four roles of management
  • The lifecycle of a business
  • Questions that open up the client to want more from you


  • Mind the gap – How to build valuable personal relationships
  • Personal marketing that guarantees to win new business


  • Improving one-on-one staff management


  • Developing the personal plan