This is a must engage with programme for firms with ten or more firm owners who seek to improve performance and results. This programme is based on Defining Edge Practice Management Strategies.

This training takes place over two days. The two days are about three months apart and places an emphasis on developing knowledge and skills followed by a period of implementation. The second day includes a range of advanced management training but also time devoted to accountability and team member feedback.

Tailored towards

  • Partners
  • Partners in training
  • Managers

Day one – areas covered

  • The accounting firm LUBRM profitability model
  • Keys to increasing utilisation and realisation
  • Time management skills directed toward increasing time on Partner personal development – the opportunity and need to go beyond compliance CPD
  • Client facing skills – learn how to occupy a larger space in your client’s life – and get paid for it
  • Developing a client meeting plan
  • Using agendas to maximise the results from client meetings
  • The lessons from the iceberg of time
  • Your client’s invisible report card and how to improve your client’s satisfaction
  • Managing your moments of truth
  • Projecting a high quality image
  • How to improve your billing and collections – reducing partner lock up
  • Core personal marketing strategies – making individual marketing more effective
  • Enhancing rainmaking skills
  • And finally – enhancing the experience of being a client adviser and firm owner.

At the conclusion of the day partners will receive a Personal Management Plan pro forma for them to record their key performance targets.

Day two – Feedback, accountability and making it happen

The marketplace, the profession, the future – the risks, opportunities and rewards. After an initial introduction Mark will facilitate this session allowing all delegates to contribute, share their experiences, successes and challenges. This will be an impactful day when partners learn from one another. This second day is an essential ‘day in the future’ when those attending the first day know they will be sharing their journey as powered up partners. Their participation will also include feedback from their Personal Management Plan.