Recommended: One Day (or about 6-7 hours)

To attend: Partners, Mangers and Client serving staff

Workshop Overview

This in-house workshop enables you and your team to focus on a range ofsessions that focus on the state of the profession. The opportunities and threats in the marketplace. Your team will be lead through a series of 5 x 45 minute training presentations and after each one there will be the opportunity for feedback and interactions. Expect your staff to be enlightened and engaged as they journey through each of these presentations.

At the end your team will have absorbed just enough to enable them to be even more motivated and committed to client service, firm profitability and better teamwork.

Your Session Options Include:

Firm of The Future

The challenges and opportunities faced by the profession. Technology. New competitors. New opportunities and real service all combine to create a market place that is ripe for inspiration and insight. This session creates the platform for the ones that follow.

Improve client service and deliver better results firm wide

The dynamics of client service are explored. What is it that clients want and how to better deliver? We explore this through models such as ‘iceberg of time’ and the rear view mirror, the jaw dropping case of the dentist’s reception area and many more fascinating insights that will enliven the mind and create an interesting discussion.

Client service further explored

How to make significant improvements in your financial reporting – all in less than 60 minutes. This is then followed by a short film (15 minutes) about one of the most successful independent UK car dealerships. What lessons can we learn
and how might they apply. This session will inspire all this attending.

How to bill and collect better

With many firms experiencing lock up in excess of 30 per cent this is a firm-wide issue that restricts the firm’s ability to deliver additional service. We look at improving billing and collecting and suggest ways in which lock up can be reduced.

Improving Job efficiency

This is a session that every firm welcomes as it addresses head on the issues of write-downs and how to reduce them. The lesson from the ego trip involves a short sketch, which emphasises the problems and leads your team into discussing how write downs can be reduced by engaging with better management processes.

Three further sessions for partners
An impactful look at our LUBRM and TUBR models

Our accounting firm model and how his enables the firm to focus on improving profitability.

Marketing for results

A session that will enable the firm to look at its marketing activities and suggest ways in which the investment in marketing can deliver a better return.

Consulting forum

Come with your questions and challenges and let’s spend time looking at some creative solutions.

Note: Select the five session that you consider to be of most relevance to the firm


Typical Timetable

Start at 9.30am

Session 1

9.40 to 10.40 including discussion

Session 2

10.45 to 11.45 including discussion



Session 3

12.00-13.00 including discussion


13.00 to 14.00


14.00-14.15 feedback from the morning

Session 4

14.15-15.15 including discussion



Session 5

15.30-16.30 including discussion

Feedback and Recommends