Recommended: One Day

To attend: Partners and Firm owners


The income you enjoy today and the lifestyle you have when you retire depend on how well you manage your firm. Lots

This seminar focuses on laying the foundations that will enable you to maximise your profitability potential. It requires you to look carefully at approaching your business differently than perhaps you have done so in the past. You are managing a business and need to pay maximum attention to your best client – your own firm. Your business needs to have the care and attention you afford those clients who you do regard as our best clients.

Improving results will not happen by accident. You must make a clear assessment of what you need to do to ensure that the business delivers the required financial rewards. Then you need to be bold and intentional in working through your decisions. Implementation is key – you must avoid failure to implement. If you do you are saying to yourself that you are resigned to their being no change in the results.

This interactive course includes:

  • How one firm increased realisation from 65% to 85% in six months
  • How one London-based firm increased profits by over 100% in less than a year
  • Key ways to get more chargeable hours without more overtime
  • An essential future accounting firm model
  • Learn the lessons from the eight ladders of success and avoid the eight ladders of complacency
  • Learn how to massively eliminate time on jobs
  • Essential keys in strategic planning
  • Marketing –forward to some great basics
  • How to bill more for the same work
  • New twenty first century pricing strategies
  • How to increase your minimum tax return fees
  • How to increase profitability of serving existing clients
  • Six steps to increasing client loyalty
  • Effective strategies for gaining new clients
  • Key laser like metrics that will enable you to manage smarter – rather then harder

How Will You Benefit?

  • Increase your standard billing rates even in a challenging economic environment
  • Increase chargeable hours per staff member
  • Turn unprofitable clients into moneymakers
  • Reduce unplanned writedowns
  • Increase client demand for your non-compliance services
  • Learn how to be more effective in gaining new client engagements

Here’s What Accountants Have Said About Double Your Income

“Best seminar in 10 years that I have attended.”

“I’ve heard over a hundred practice management presentations and this is the first one in a long, long time that I’ve actually gained some useable nuggets of actionable information from.”

“Mark is easy to listen to and challenges you to live, not think, outside the box.”

“More practical ideas than any other ‘consultant’ seminars I have attended. Practical versus ‘ivory tower’ is always a winner.”

“This was FAR AND AWAY the best practice management seminar I’ve ever attended, both for practical suggestions and motivation for change.”

“I came to this seminar because I cannot manage to increase my profits to where they need to be.”

“Mark is a master presenter with compelling and effective strategies. Now I am going to be a much more effective business person.”