Recommended: One Day

Workshop Overview

This fast paced one day seminar will look in the morning at the dynamics of change in the profession and what it takes to build an ever-successful accountancy business. How to respond to the challenges and maximise the potential of your firm and your talent. What makes a firm truly successful?

With staff costs ever-increasing what steps can you take to extend your own operating margin?

Why Attend?

The purpose of an accountancy business is to look after the needs of its clients. How it looks after them will determine the extent to which clients are retained. How satisfied they are and whether they will gladly recommend you to others. Attend this course and learn fresh insights into client service and increasing your firm’s profitability.

A quick insight into your morning session.

This includes:

  • Future accounting firm service model
  • LUBRM and TUBR – our high impact and insightful partner performance models
  • Essential strategies for improving firm profitability
  • The rungs on the ladder of a truly successful firm
  • Delivering to your maximum potential
  • Developing your personal development plan
  • Accounting firm trends, benchmarks and insights
  • Real time accounting – what opportunities does the Internet offer?

In the afternoon we will focus on answering the question – how can I improve client service, in so doing increase client satisfaction and truly become their most trusted business advisor. We will take an in-depth view of the steps to take to improve client service so that it really is top notch – in fact, outstanding. Deliver better service and you will be able to charge more.

A quick insight into your afternoon session.

This includes:

  • Clientology – an introduction
  • Service in accordance with your client-centric priorities
  • Leveraging your client meetings
  • Outstanding service – the rewards are substantial
  • Moments of truth and moments of magic
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your financial statements (all in less than 60 minutes per client)
  • Enhancing the value of what you deliver
  • Your report card and how to improve your ratings
  • High impact client care KPIs
  • What does your reception look like? Time for an upgrade?
  • A look at some outstanding service case studies
  • Developing your firm’s service portfolio