Recommended: Half Day

To attend: Partners and client facing staff


Client service lies at the heart of every accountancy business. But is outstanding service really being delivered? Service that will have clients coming back year after year. Service that encourages them to have the confidence to recommend you?

This course looks at service from many differing angles. It suggests strategies that, if implemented, will really make a BIG difference.

This interactive course includes:

  • Unleashing the power of your personal interactions
  • Developing your skills and developing your role as a business
  • adviser
  • The true cost of poor service and the true potential of delivering extension services
  • Upgrading your personal development and service capabilities
  • The key lessons from the iceberg of time and the rear view mirror
  • The potential of the rule of fee flexibility
  • Realise the most from these essential client meetings
  • The outstanding client service revolution and how to upgrade your service
  • Your invisible report card and improving your client rating
  • Leveraging your client meetings
  • Delivering fees from the five essential client plans
  • Learning from others – an award winning Lexus car dealer, a crazy New Zealand dentist, Ritz Carlton and Disney.
  • The power and value of asking the right questions
  • Widening your service portfolio
  • Essential KPIs that will drive outstanding client service
  • Lessons from the “HEART”
  • Managing your moments of truth and moments of magic
  • This is a half day programme that will enlighten, entertain and enrich your capabilities to improve client service

This is a half day course that can be delivered to all client facing staff in a workshop setting that promotes feedback as well as giving the staff a greater understanding of the context of their role in the firm.