Overview – Length of video: 1 hour – Manual: 14 pages

Your sessions in this IGNITE Module are:

  • Making it happen
  • The power of words
Mark Lloydbottom - Management Consultant

Marks Commentary

“Maybe the shortest Module, but in some respects one of the really important ones. So often I come across managing partners who tell me that they have failed to implement (FTI). I have always understood that an individual or organisation only has so much of what I call change energy or change capacity. There is so much to be done – client work, staff, firm responsibilities and then there is life outside the office.

I do not know how many Modules you have viewed. In Module one I encouraged you to add this to your purchase as, although the final Module it has relevance from the beginning of every single Module. You cannot manage your plans just based on what you hear in IGNITE. The reality is that while listening to me speaking you will have formed your own ideas of what needs to happen. So, where to start? That is the question that this final Module seeks to answer as well as looking at one of my pet sessions – the Power of Words.

Some of the areas we will look at include:

  • Recognise your change limitations and seek to focus your energy where you will gain the greatest reward
  • Starting with small tasks rather than the big ones
  • TBDM – aah! Wait until you discover this gem!
  • Active problem solving – your key steps on this journey
  • Armouring – this is so, so very important. You must not lose that which you have gained.
  • Words that have impacted me – discover your own inner energy and motivation as you consider what words uniquely motivate you
  • And finally, you will find an implementation template to lead you through your own decision making 
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