Overview – Length of video: 3-4 hours – Manual: 41 pages

Your sessions in this IGNITE Module are:

  • Introduction – why this is so very important
  • Planning the marketing activities and your events calendar
  • Essential core business development strategies
  • A focus on relationship building and referral development
  • A focus on reputation and brand development
  • What award winning firms do to achieve extraordinary success
  • Really great and effective marketing tactics 
Mark Lloydbottom - Management Consultant

Marks Commentary

“There are many definitions of ‘marketing.’ I have used this definition for the last 10 years. ‘Marketing comprises all those activities that enable you to identify opportunities to advance your pursuit of winning new business.’ New business includes winning new clients and gaining new engagements from existing clients.

Marketing comes easily to few accountants while some point-blank refuse to become involved. Unless an owner is one of the firm founders he or she may not have experienced what it takes to grow a firm. The founder(s) most likely worked not just 9-5 but also 5-9 to create the firm that exists today. It is my firm conviction that no owner is exempt from making some contribution to growing the firm. One day the time will come for people to leave – they will leave the firm and pass it on to others – everyone should make a commitment to the next generation – and along the journey enjoy the increasing profits that their talent deserves.

Some of the areas we will look at include:

  • How much should you spend (or invest as I prefer to say) in marketing?
  • The planning stages of the marketing plan -it needs to be written so everyone can see it
  • Plans to gain new clients
  • A personal marketing survey template
  • The personal marketing plan – we are all different so let’s make our plans owner specific
  • The essential role of advisory sheets
  • Owner marketing
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Seminars
  • Website
  • Key steps in relationship building
  • Key steps in reputation building
  • What award winning firms do that you can replicate
  • Tactics – over 20 great marketing ideas that can help you win new business
  • Getting an appointment
  • Revisit the four ‘P’s of marketing
  • Different types of questions you can use
  • What do buying signals look like and when to start your close
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