Overview – Length of video: 3-4 hours – Manual: 45 pages

Your sessions in this IGNITE Module are:

  • Introduction
  • Billing myths
  • Top line management
  • Setting prices that deliver a higher return
  • The emerging role of the pricing director and how you can take advantage now – at no additional cost
  • Agreeing [higher] prices with clients
  • Effective strategies for improving your billing
  • The powerful case for downsizing your lock up 
  • How to effectively downsize your firm’s lock up
  • The job is not complete until the bill is paid
Mark Lloydbottom - Management Consultant

Marks Commentary

If there is one area where many firm’s need to make progress it is in better managing their billing and collection practices. I have spoken to managing [lead] partners and this is often one of their top problems – just as it was a year earlier and, unless something changes, just like it will be in a year’s time. But it does not have to be like that. Lock up (debtors/receivables and WIP at charge rate) should not be greater than 26% of annual revenues – preferably much, much less. 

The result of having excess lock up is that either debt is greater than it should be, or partners are unable to access their [tax paid] capital account. Consider this – the balances in your 60 day + columns indicate those clients who are using you as a source of finance. How do you feel about that? It is time to take steps to reduce lock up. This Module provides further compelling strategies to reinvigorate you to succeed in this task. It is time for your lock up to come in line with best practice and be reduced.

Some of the areas we will look at include:

  • The three main reasons why accountants do not earn enough
  • Avoid being held back by any of the 21 billing myths
  • The five things that affect the amount you can charge for your services
  • Pricing and the value gap
  • Questions to ask clients to assist them in understand the value you deliver
  • When to use result pricing
  • Essential steps to take when agreeing a fixed price – or losses might ensue – the cost of risk reversal
  • Training clients to pay you promptly
  • Lloydbottom’s law and corollary
  • Over 15 ways to improve your billing
  • The harmful effect of excess lock up and the steps to take to reduce lock up
  • New approaches to billing and collection -do it the modern way
  • How a guerrilla billing strategy may be a good starting point
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