Overview – Length of video: 4-5 hours – Manual: 66 pages

Your sessions in this IGNITE Module are:

  • Clientology – an introduction
  • The cost of poor service and value of outstanding service
  • Service in accordance with your client-centric priorities
  • Leveraging your client meetings
  • Outstanding service – the rewards are substantial
  • Moments of truth and moments of magic
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your financial statements (all in less than 60 minutes per client)
  • Enhancing the value of what you deliver
  • Your report card and how to improve your ratings
  • Projecting a high-quality image
  • High impact client care KPIs
  • What does your reception look like? Time for an upgrade?
  • A look at some outstanding service case studies
  • Developing your firm’s service portfolio
Mark Lloydbottom - Management Consultant

Marks Commentary

“Clients are the raison d’être of your business. They are the reason you go to work even if today that is in your home office. For many accountants Covid demonstrated to clients just how essential you are as their accountant. We will show how to calculate the cost of losing clients as well as looking at how outstanding client service can significantly improve profitability.

What do your financial statements look like and how much use are they to your clients? I was once introduced to a prestigious prospect (the top line was over £15 million). I prepared for the meeting by having a member of staff summarise the client’s past 5 years using Lotus – yes, that goes back a few years. Bar charts, pie charts, donuts – the report was an array of charts. The client looked at the report, then me and said, “You accountants do not understand how little we clients understand the accounts you produce but what you have here is truly insightful and helpful.” Was I surprised by his comments? Yes, after all what could be easier that a profit and loss account and balance sheet, I thought. I learnt a lot about presentation that day and how clients think. I share this and the manual contains examples of how we impressed him – and won a great new client that day”

Some of the areas we will look at include:

  • Calculate the cost of lost clients and the value of retaining clients – the ones you wish to keep of course
  • What are we really selling?
  • The value of the iceberg of time proposition 
  • The jaw dropping case of the dentist’s receptionist
  • Developing an annual client meeting plan – a plan that will motivate you and assist in improving the value you deliver to clients
  • A massively important recommend -one so good I will leave you to hear this on the video!
  • How your own skill development enhances your value to clients – being famous…
  • You will receive a copy of my 16 page [full colour] Recommended Reading Catalogue
  • 12 ways to strengthen client relationships
  • Moments of truth – take a look around and consider yours and then turn these into ‘moments of magic’
  • Your financial statements significantly improved (see above)
  • The trap of PDFs
  • Better managing client expectations
  • Beware the causes of these service failures
  • The 8 areas where clients judge quality – and they are not the ones you think of as quality. How do you score on this client report card?
  • Image is important – yours, your firm, your office, your reception, your ambassadors – areas you may wish to improve
  • How to institutionalise client feedback without doing a formal survey – the six points that you MUST have answers to
  • Learn the lessons from great companies outside of the accountancy profession including a video of one of the UK’s most profitable independent car dealer. So many transferable lessons
  • Your firm’s service portfolio – you will find pages of great opportunities in your manual.
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