Overview – Length of video: 3-4 hours – Manual: 48 pages

Your sessions in this IGNITE Module are:

  • Introduction
  • The profession is changing
  • Future accounting firm service model
  • LUBRM and TUBR – our high impact and insightful partner performance models
  • LUBRM-based strategies for improving firm profitability
  • Make sure your firm sidesteps these snakes of complacency
  • The rungs on the ladder of a truly successful firm
  • Spotlight on essential firm profit improving strategies
  • Firm owners – are you delivering to your maximum potential?
  • Firm owners – developing your personal development plan
  • Accounting firm trends, benchmarks and insights
  • Real time accounting – what opportunities does the Internet offer?
  • Strategic planning
Mark Lloydbottom - Management Consultant

Marks Commentary

“In a world impacted by Covid and an economic future that looks uncertain, many firms have had to make changes to their operations and the way work is performed. No firm was prepared for their office being closed and everyone working from home or being laid off so suddenly. One thing that is evident is that those firms that invested in technology and quality and effective management processes were better prepared than those that had not. The lesson? In an uncertain world some see predicting the future as a guessing game – but is it? Covid has demonstrated that firms can massively benefit from high quality management practices as well as the right technology and training in the use of that equipment.”

Getting prepared and being [much] leaner now. In this Module we look at your role in serving clients as the deliverer of compliance services as well as the components of being a trusted business advisor. Some of the areas we will look at include:

  • Your role as an expert
  • Your role as a business advisor
  • The massive importance of owner ‘visible’ time with clients
  • An introduction to the importance of delivering outstanding quality
  • We answer the question of who our best client is – and the answer may surprise you unless you have attended one of my practice management seminars
  • Communication essentials
  • What does the future accounting firm model look like? 
  • The LUBRM model adds insight and understanding to growing your bottom line
  • 21 high impact LUBRM strategies for profit improvement  
  • The 8 snakes of a firm that is complacent – this will most likely challenge you to climb the…
  • Ladders of success. 8 areas where truly successful and leading-edge firms concentrate their management focus
  • Some partners under report their client time – check out the 7 Habits of a truly effective and successful partner
  • Going beyond compliance CPD is essential – here are some valuable insights into the opportunities for development
  • Benchmarks – how do we compare? Here is the answer as we look at 62 essential benchmarks
  • And finally, strategic planning insights complete with key points and checklist
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