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We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your willingness to facilitate the SAICA practice management 2021 series. The series of conversations around the sound practice management principles as contained in the IGNITE practice management programme, has been well received by our members and we received positive feedback in this regard. The overall satisfaction rating received from attendees regarding these sessions, was an average of 4.7/5 (94%) across the range of four sessions.

Some of the comments received include:

“Thanks for sharing your experience and valuable insight. Your living proof that to never ever give up pays of in more ways than one and to keep improving.”

“Thanks for always being well prepared and providing a link between technical knowledge and practical application in the South African business environment.”

“Thanks for keeping it short and to the point. Thanks for allocating valuable time to learn valuable lessons from management in businesses.”

Your services rendered to SAICA over the past 10 years has always been of excellent value and your workshops have always received high praise and positive feedback from our members. Your contribution towards the development of practice management competence of professional accountants are highly regarded and we thank you for your continued investment in the accounting profession.

Natashia Soopal
SAICA - The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
Malcolm Traviss

“I have listened to Mark’s management seminars on improving firm profitability. He many easy to implement steps that have enabled me to improve profitability significantly. His pinpointed and clear advice is logical and easy to implement.”

Malcolm Traviss
Traviss & Co, Hampshire, UK
Margaret Thornton

“It has been a privilege to have Mark as our consultant for the last few years. His wise advice in planning our long term strategy and then regular guidance to help us achieve those goals has been the catalyst that has moved our business to a new level.”

Margaret Thornton
Managing Partner, Morgan Cameron
Barry Leibovitch

“Mark’s enthusiasm is boundless and his knowledge of practice management is second to none. He keeps things real and makes you think about ordinary challenges in a different way.”

Barry Leibovitch, Tish Leibovitch
Essex, UK
Erik Solbakken

“I can’t say enough about how Mark has positively impacted my professional career. His insights, experience and teachings helped me transform my accounting practice, which I subsequently sold at a great profit. I highly recommend jumping at the opportunity to learn from Mark.“

Erik Solbakken, CPA, CA
Creator Accountant Success Formula™, British Columbia, Canada

Mark has been a highly influential figure to many of us over the years, helping us to build better businesses based on his genuine interest and concern about the profession and that of the professionals within it. A strong, ethical, commercial and principled thinker, Mark continues to leave an impression on the market, and here at PracticeWEB in the way we work.

Richard Sergeant
[Former] Managing Director, PracticeWeb

“No-one can accurately forecast what accountants will face in the coming years. However, firms who embrace change will be the ones to prosper. Mark’s suggestions on how to make the most of technological advances, globalisation and a cost conscious culture will help you enhance your client relationships whilst building successful and profitable practices for the future.”

Vicki Banthorpe
[Former] Managing Director, SWAT

“One of the most important factors in launching a trade exhibition is to have experts in the industry believe in what you are trying to achieve and help you achieve it. Mark has always been a guiding light in this instance and has also contributed to the event by delivering his awesome keynote presentations. I very much value our relationship and hope it continues for many years to come.”

Scott Hider
Managing Director, Accountex

“Our business relationship spans 20 years. Mark’s numerous practice development seminars to my London-based CPD group were always thought provoking and practical. Mark’s vision about the accountancy profession is always miles ahead. I look forward to working alongside Mark in the next 20 years.”

Jaffer Manek
CEO of Affilica International, InPractice Software

“Mark has been a trusted conference facilitator for Charter Group who has over a number of years delivered seminars to our members both at conferences and in-house. His insights have always been deeply challenging and have contributed to our members being able to bring a Defining Edge into their understanding of how to better manage their firms.”

Gary Corbett
[Former] Head of CharterGroup

“Mark has consulted with ABG and throughout this time gained the trust and respect of the partner group. His common sense and insightful approach combined with his passion and integrity have been of great value in helping us all focus on what to do to grow our firm.”

Paul Berlyn
Managing Partner, ABG

“The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants engaged Mark to lead a number of our annual Practice Management Conferences and a number of workshops on practice management. Mark’s enthusiastic, honest and insightful presentations were extremely well received by our members who rated his knowledge of the subject, presentation style and audience interaction a staggering 95%! I believe that based purely on his seminar, firms could increase their net income per partner by 6-15%. It is always a pleasure working with Mark, and I recommend him to any practice, accounting association or Institute that is looking to hear a speaker who I can assure you will bring insight and wisdom to any conference.”

Bridgitte Kriel
[Former] Project Director: Small and Medium Practices, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

“Wow – it seems like yesterday when I met Mark as he led a marketing retreat that I attended early in my career. From the start he inspired me with his depth of knowledge, cutting edge insight and positive energy. He continues to amaze me with his wisdom, creativity and love of the profession. I am proud to call him a role model, mentor and friend. Oh, how thankful I am for that chance meeting in Seattle 20 years ago!”

Tracy Crevar Warren
The Crevar Group, USA and Switzerland

“Mark is one of the really good guys! His knowledge and experience in the accounting sector have made him a true thought-leader for the industry. Sharing best practice from a lifetime of experience as a founder, manager and consultant to the sector, his work has become a must read for every ambitious business owner and practitioner.”

Tom Dunkerley
Managing Director, Sift Media

“Our profession is not immune to disrupters like Uber. Mark is a disrupter, but the difference is that he is on our side. He profoundly but simply guides accountants with great advice which, if applied, will help make our businesses more sustainable and disruption-proof.“

Billy Nield
Senior Partner, Grant Thornton, Cape Town

Mark Lloydbottom is unquestionably a globally recognised practice management expert for accountants. Over the last 25 years based on his unique insights as partner in practice and his subsequent roles as an advisor and consultant to the profession, he has provided meaningful and transformative support to hundreds of accountants and their practices.

One of the difficulties with practice management is that there is a lot of common sense and no magic formula. If there is no magic why isn’t everyone doing it? The difference between Mark and some gurus in the field is that he acknowledges that there is no “get-rich-quick approach” for accountants. Mark works from a place of integrity and honesty to create meaningful change in how we work and think. He helps firms develop the personal relationships that form the basis of our profession.

As the world changes how they interact with their accountants and business advisors Mark keeps ahead of the field and his core values remain at the heart of true success. When Mark speaks accountants should listen.”

Des O’Neill
Founder, OmniPro, Ireland

“Mark Lloydbottom is one of the most creative minds in the management and marketing of professional service firms. I have had the privilege of working with him for over 20 years and I learn something useful from every interaction. I endorse him whole-heartedly, unreservedly and enthusiastically.”

Dave Cottle
Consultant and co-author of Clients 4Life

“Having worked with Mark over many years, I know that his wise counsel is greatly appreciated by all who have been privileged to experience it. His unique style has enabled many to see that improvement is readily achievable.“

Ken McManus
Assistant Director, Practice Support, ICAS

“Mark’s curiosity, entrepreneurial insight and common sense approach to business has made him a powerful force in the management of public accounting firms all across the globe. He brings over 30 years of practical experience and keen observation to the profession, and hundreds – if not thousands – of firms have benefitted from his ideas. I’ve known Mark for most of his consulting career, have learned a tremendous amount from him and am proud to call him a friend.”

Mike Platt
Inside Public Accounting, USA