IGNITE Practice Management now live

Need to improve firm management? Profitability? Look no further…

For over 25 years I have been privileged to serve the accountancy profession as a management consultant. From sole owners to the global accountancy firms I have helped hundreds of firms solve what may be seen as very common issues.

While many firms performed excellently in addressing the challenges of Covid there is no doubt that many rued their past failings in better managing their own business.

Mark Lloydbottom - Management Consultant

“I refuse to leave this profession 
the way I found it”

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Now, my unique online IGNITE Practice Management training programme enables you to experience the leading-edge training that I have developed during my journey around the profession as a management consultant.

Now, you can access a whole spectrum of management ideas, solutions and strategies which can help you become more profitable and more successful. In short the focus is on results. Further, IGNITE will enable you to have your partner and manager team challenged, enlightened, informed and motivated on how they can improve their service to the firm and its clients.

Who is this for?

  • All firm owners
  • All those in line for ownership – IGNITE provides essential training
  • All managers
  • Some of the Modules will be relevant to other staff members

Results? You should expect - Improved:

(Shortlist only)

  • Firm owner motivation
  • Utilisation (chargeable time)
  • Job recovery and overall firm profitability
  • Client service
  • Increase in delivery of value-added services
  • Success in implementation and avoidance of FTI -failure to implement